Wage Garnishment Letter Response

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Guaranty Agency Director letter regarding the use of administrative wage garnishment processing of payments, wage garnishments, client account reconciliation, and client setup. She also monitors changes in debt … Retreive Document
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The Requirements Letter will include all outstanding fines, the courts Support withholding is not considered a wage garnishment, and is. not treated as such. Multnomah County. Page 21. Resource Guide … Retreive Document
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Garnishment. Many times, clients are facing a wage garnishment. The client’s employer can be ordered to pay up to twenty-five percent of the client’s net pay to a creditor. If a garnishment is in place, the What do I do if I receive a summons, judgment, or garnishment letter? … Retreive Document
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wage garnishment, home and automobile ownership, bank and charge accounts) may negatively be asked to provide a brief written response, preferably on a form you give them so that all members … Retreive Document
4.5 Wage Garnishment. There are some situations where an employer is required by law to withhold certain amounts from an. employee’s paycheck and pass Response is given in a timely manner with a copy given to the staff. member and a copy placed in the staff member’s personnel file. Special Security … Retreive Document
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In response to these comments, the final. regulations provide additional guidance. on how In response to this comment, the. final regulations provide that the determi- nation of … Retreive Document
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WAGE GARNISHMENTS. Milton J. Wood would like to avoid incurring the administrative costs legally imposed wage assignments and garnishments, and will not modify the terms of those … Retreive Document
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they are self-employed, are not subject to wage levies or. garnishment. In recent years the Tax Division has handled a – 48 An alternative to an IRS wage levy is a garnishment of wages … Retreive Document

wage garnishment?

I have been notified by a collection attorney that a judgment has been entered against me and they intended to garnish my wages. I completed the questionnaire they sent me and returned it with a letter requesting a payment arrangement. I told them when I’d send the first payment if I did not get a response from them declining my payment offer. They accepted my payment (2 weeks ago) and still sent the garnishment order to my work (it is a small office and I’m the top). Since I am the one responsible for doing payroll and complying with the laws, I’m wondering what options I have. Does their acceptance of my payment imply acceptance of that arrangement? If I have to proceed with garnishing my own wages and writing out the check to them, can I just pay the ordered amount myself with a money order or does it have to be on a company check?

Wage garnishment varies state by state. Some states will exempt 100% of the head of the household income (Florida for example) and some will exempt a certain percentage of ones income. Other states follow the Federal Guidlines (check them at this link http://www.bcsalliance.com/ccpa_15usc1673.html

First look up your states laws at the following web site to make sure they are not trying to get more then they are allowed.


Some states require payments be made to the court who then passes along the funds to the creditor.
As you are the “one” who does the payroll, then yes you would have to follow your states requirements as to paying the garnishment.

Hope this answers your question.
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