Wage Garnishment How To Beat

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References are to sections; references followed by S” appear only in wage assignments, see WAGE ASSIGNMENTS. wage garnishment, see WAGE GARNISHMENTS. EMPLOYMENT … Retreive Document
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make decisions is clear, but in the end we have to know how to use the information we. receive effectively as But how? An industrial and systems engineering professor and her graduate students are. using computational and other engineering … Retreive Document
Garnishment of unemployment compensation benefits; Garnishment of wages, RSA 161-C:121; mitigation or competing harms to prevent. garnishment of social security, unemployment … Retreive Document
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Wage Garnishment. The basic problem with wage garnishment is that the debtor still has to sets federal limits (lesser of 25% of disposable income or 30x minimum wage) … Retreive Document
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Things to consider about consolidation loans. May lose some deferment and discharge ALWAYS exhaust all federal loan options BEFORE turning to private/alternative loans … Retreive Document

How can I get a dead beat dad to pay for medical bills?

My wife’s child custody agreement specifically states that the parents are suppose to split medical bills 50/50. The child is 10 years old now and since he has been alive he has only paid $80 on medical bills. He is currently paying a small amount of child support, and back child support through wage garnishment. Is it possible for the court to garnish his wages to pay this back medical bills? Don’t know if this matters but this is in the state of Illinois.

Yes, it is possible. Your wife has to petition the court for an order.

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