Tummy Tuck What To Wear

i crossdresser, should i where a slip under my prom dress?

im so excited i was invited to prom and i was wondering if i should wear a slip under my dress. what else should i where, i mean the dress is spagetti strapp black long dress, what kind of bra should i wear, and i need to tuck my tummy a little any suggestions.

I wear slips under just about anything (regardless of the dress material) because I think my dresses and skirts hang better with them and slips can be pretty and feminine. I have a few long half-slips for gowns, but longer slips can be hard to find these days. If you wear a shorter slip (e.g., knee-length) you might find the difference in lengths between your dress and slip to be irritating as you walk around. Also, many longer gowns have slits in the sides and that makes wearing a slip difficult. I have slips with slits, but they often show through the dress opening anyway. If you don’t mind having a little lace show through (I don’t care sometimes), go ahead and wear a slip with a slit; however, I would not ever wear a slip without a slit if my dress has an opening.

Depending on which is more comfortable for you, I recommend either a strapless long-line bra with tummy control or a shorter strapless bra and some type of panty girdle. I’ve never worn a long-line bra and my guess is that they are not particularly comfortable.

YES, I need it.

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