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Most flattering type of shirt/tshirt/sweater for men?

What the most flattering type of top for a man to wear? What I mean is, what’s best for broadening the shoulders (and don’t say pads or a coat hanger!) and flattening the tummy. I think I look better in certain shirts/t-shirts/and sweaters that I have, but I can’t figure out what the rule is. In one t-shirt I’ll notice it hangs well off my shoulders (which are a bit too skinny for my liking), but in another T-shirt I’ll look like a skinny bloke with a gut!
Also if you have a bit of a beer gut, is it best to have your shirt hanging out, or tucked in (hanging out I think).

it is all about confidence, but here are a few tricks that i have picked up working in fashion for about 7 years!

layers are always good. always layer fine pieces on top of each other. a t-shirt under a shirt, shirt under a nice piece of fine gauge knit-wear.
horizontal stripes give the illusion of broader shoulders and
darker colours always makes us look slimmer.
always go for quality clothes and these will hang better. as for size……… you don’t want it to be skin tight, nobody does, but ill fitting shirt and bulky clothes just add more unwanted weight. if you are wearing a dress shirt and trousers i would tuck yourself in and wear a shirt with vertical stripes as this looks more slimming. a quality 3 button jacket is a great item for hiding any beer belly, navy or brown.
i would say go shopping and try lots of styles and cuts and designers to see what suits you and most important you feel comfortable in. if you don’t feel comfortable you never will look good! best of luck!

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