Rhinoplasty With Local Anesthesia

rhinoplasty with local anesthesia
what would be better? local or general anesthesia? rhinoplasty!?

im going to get a nose job(rhinoplasty) and I was wondering which would be better? With local anesthesia would one be able to feel the cutting and the work being done on their nose while be awake? the thought of it just freaks me out! I would prefer some one who has experienced getting a nose job before, to answer this question. :)

Although you will be numb in the nasal area with local anesthesia, there are parts connected to those numb parts that are not numb, so you WILL know that something is going on. Rhinoplasty often involves a chisel and little mallet, and you absolutely will feel the tap-tap-tapping if you are awake.

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Nasal reconstruction and revision rhinoplasty surgery has been fraught with multiple complications and difficulties in the past. This graft is easily harvested under local anesthesia and the post-operative ear position and contour are relatively unchanged. … Retreive Document
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Cosmetic Surgery
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