Rhinoplasty Sore Throat

rhinoplasty sore throat
Will Having A Sore Throat Stop You From Having Rhinoplasty?

I am now 24 hours away from the day of surgery, and have acquired a sore throat. Will this stop me from having surgery? What should I do? Thanks!

Hey wow I’m 8 hours away from mine so we’re in the same boat!! I had a sore throat all week and I called my surgeon and he said as long as I didn’t have a hacking cough or fever I was fine. Just be sure to let your doc know before surgery so he can check your breathing real well!!! I hope everything goes well for you!!!

PDF file NWL Evidence-Based Policy to Inform Commissioning Decisions
sore throats are due to tonsillitis. • five or more episodes of sore throat per year the episodes of sore throat are disabling and prevent normal functioning … Retreive Document
Rhinoplasty. Riboflavin deficiency. Rickets. Rickettsialpox. Ringworm. Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Rolfing. Root canal treatment Sore throat. South American blastomycosis. Speech disorders. Spina bifida. Spinal cord injury. Spinal cord tumors. Spinal … Retreive Document
impaired Function Not Working Properly Abdomen Belly, Stomach
throat) adenoiditis. inflammation of the adenoids (infection-fighting glands in the back fighting glands in the back of the throat. adenomyosis. a growth of muscle in the uterus … Retreive Document
PDF file Evidence of Coverage
This health plan meets Minimum Creditable Coverage standards. and will satisfy the individual mandate that you Please see page 7 for additional information. Effective Date: July 1, 2009. Date of Issue: July 1, 2009. CeltiCare will accept you … Retreive Document
Microsoft Word – Effective Use of Resources Policy V 2 6 Nov
Episodes of sore throat are disabling and prevent normal functioning Rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons is not commissioned. Clinical evidence of exceptional circumstances … Retreive Document
Effective Use of Resources Policyv2.2.doc
· Sore throats are due to tonsillitis · Five or more episodes of sore throat per year · Episodes of sore throat are disabling and prevent normal functioning … Retreive Document
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diagnosis and management of common Otolaryngologic problems such as sore throats, Globus rhinoplasty. To demonstrate basic competence in oculoplastic surgery including … Retreive Document
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