Rhinoplasty Society

rhinoplasty society
why is plastic surgery bad but braces okay?

as much as we would like to deny it, our society is very appearance-based. sometimes some people believe plastic surgery is necessary in order to help them obtain the job of their dreams. after all, how many “ugly” actresses have you seen? these people often face harsh criticism

but yet nobody attacks people for getting braces for cosmetic reasons.

and botox is “more acceptable” than rhinoplasty.

you don’t need to straighten your teeth perfectly to avoid dental problems

also, in most other countries braces aren’t typical like they are in America. they get along just fine

Most people don’t necessarily get braces for cosmetic reasons. Braces are necessary when, for example, there is a problem with teeth crowding, which can accelerate the process of tooth decay if left untreated because it is very hard to clean between teeth that are practically on top of one another. Other people need braces because their bite is so bad that their teeth would wear away to nothing if untreated.

Botox has other uses besides wrinkle correction. For example, some people get Botox injections in their underarms as a treatment for excessive sweating (a real medical condition called hyperhidrosis).

So, I guess my point is that we have to know someone’s history before making a value judgment about them getting braces or Botox. Sometimes, these treatments are medically necessary last resorts, when all else fails.

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