Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Swelling

After Rhinoplasty recovery time?

after rhinoplasty will you notice a difference within the first week or so?
Or how long will it take for me to see a difference? The Doctor said I’ll deffinetaly notice a difference but i just don’t know how long if theres swelling and stuff

well you will have your tubes in your nose for up to a week to 9 days after and the bandages too! it takes about 3 days for the black eyes and sweeling to reach its worst and than continue to get better from then on. Once the initial tubes are removed you will get to see the nose but it will still be very swollen and there is still plenty of settling and healing to take place. There can be swelling for 6 months to a year as repeat surgery cannot occur and the ending result will not be set in stone until than,

i had the surgery myself and it was the worst pain i have ever experiences in my life. mine however was not cosmetic per say, i had a deviated septum that needed to be corrected and than they perfromed a few cosmetic things as well. you will not notice a difference for a while! so just keep that in mind.

good luck!

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