Quality Of Life After Brain Injury Scale

averaged 4.8 on a possible 5-point rating scale for individuals who had sustained a brain injury Assistive Services and Technology, the program has been able to accomplish many of its goals. and ensure that quality services are delivered to our clients throughout the continuum of care … Retreive Document
Word file PedsQL ? Publications.doc
Child-related determinants of health-related quality of life in children with brain tumors 1 year after diagnosis. Quality of life in children with acquired brain injury: Parent perspectives 1-5 years … Retreive Document
PDF file Neuro Matters
after a traumatic brain injury), and (b) how the severity of the injury. and the length of mately affect quality of life after. SCI? Now, another study is looking. at whether FES … Retreive Document
PDF file DOI: 10.1161/hs1201.099803 2001;32;2874-2881 Stroke
dysfunction and long-term quality of life after cardiac surgery. susceptibility to brain injury, decreased reserve capacity, or. inability to recover or … Retreive Document
PDF file Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury
This session provides an overview of the nature of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the impact it can. have on a person’s life as well as on the lives of their family. 7 Give examples of four broad categories of long-term impairments often seen after a traumatic … Retreive Document
PDF file Predicting Longitudinal Patterns of Functional Deficits in
Longitudinal patterns of functional deficits were investigated in 37 children with severe traumatic brain injury Health-related quality of life of children and adoles- cents after traumatic brain injury. Pediatrics, 109, 1 … Retreive Document
PDF file Pregabalin in patients with central neuropathic pain: A
pathic pain caused by brain or spinal cord injuries. At baseline and 4 weeks after the start of treatment subjects were evaluated with. standard measures of efficacy: pain intensity measured by visual analog scale, health status (Pain Disability Index and EQ-5D) and. quality of life (SF-36) … Retreive Document
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