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how much fat do they remove when you have liposuction?

i am having a mini tummy tuck soon as i cant get rid of the excess skin on my stomach after having two children, i am not over weight but have some excess fat on my stomach i am having removed, has anyone had this done?how much fat do they remove usually,i know each case will be different but usually how much weight are you expected to lose?

I just had lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen 2 weeks ago. My doctor told me he took out 1.25 Liters, which is roughly 2.5 lbs. Basically, it is up to your surgeon to determine how much can safely be removed. Through my research, anything over 5 liters is large scale lipo. As for weight loss after, you might not want to weigh yourself for a couple weeks after the surgery, since swelling will replace what you lost. But once swelling subsides, you will see the results.

And to comment on that other answer, the new smartlipo has not been shown to be safe or lasting in the long term yet. I wanted the real, proven procedure to permanently remove fat cells in my problem area, despite the longer recovery time. I am only 10 days post-op today, but I am DELIGHTED with my results and I hope you are just as happy with yours! Good luck and I hope my answer helped! ^_^

Jeremy’s Story: Liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills

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