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Max Green Dyed Hair Blonde?

So i went to the warped tour yesterday and saw escape the fate live… at first when they came out and started to play, i was like i wonder where max is, maybe he’s not on the tour and there’s just a replacement for him or something b/c i saw a guy with blonde hair playing the bass, then after a few minutes i was like oh holy shitt that is max green, the guy with the blonde hair… so i’m guessing he dyed his hair blonde… I think he looks better with black hair though xD… oh yeah and also i wanted to know if he has a girlfriend right now? b/c on buzznet i saw some pictures of this girl kissing him, and it was in several pics. so i’m guessing he has a gf too? and they were photos posted just today so it wasn’t that saskia girl from before… lol i’m such a fan

Hahah really?! The picture here was taken like 3 days ago.

You can’t really see him but his hair looks kinda brownish.
Hm, I guess him and Saskia didn’t get back together.
I’m seeing them in a week so I’ll make sure to see his hair then haha.


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