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Table 2: World Endoscopy Market (2004-2006): Percentage. Breakdown of Value Sales by Application – Gastrointestinal, Arthroscopy, Stryker Develops Three Software Suites for Navigation … Retreive Document
PDF file Video capsule endoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease: Past
reporting system, Korman et al. 43,44. proposed the capsule. endoscopy structured nology for reporting capsule endoscopy procedures. Endoscopy. 2005; 37:951–959. 45. … Retreive Document
PDF file Coverage Guideline
This document addresses wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) of the small bowel and esophagus, and the use of a consistent across these two studies reporting additional diagnostic. yield from WCE in 25-50% of the cases. … Retreive Document
ENDOSCOPY REPORTING SOFTWARE. Full and extendable list of diagnoses, targeted. at relevant anatomical sites, based on standards Many clinicians performing Endoscopy are. not able to produce reports electronically. The software system collates information … Retreive Document
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localization; and advanced reporting module. The. software also features the RAPID Atlas, which allows. comparison of on-screen address the needs of established capsule. endoscopy users, with an emphasis on advancing. interpretation skills, … Retreive Document
PDF file Computerisation of endoscopy reports using standard reports
diagnoses or a combination of diagnoses made during. endoscopy (table The average reporting time. including selection of the standard report, addition of some … Retreive Document
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Endoscopy Information Reporting System the Trust has an. urgent need to replace its existing solution. It is essential. that any computerised system of endoscopy reporting resilience and an upgrade in development software to. support improvements to the existing environment and … Retreive Document
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