Endoscopy General Anaesthetic

Precautions in General Anaesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry

PDF file Consultation Document
2. Because of the lack of back-up from general medical and surgical services at that require a general anaesthetic, such as general surgery and gynaecology to the … Retreive Document
Patient GI Endoscopy Guide (Eng)
If you are having a nasal endoscopy, the doctor may apply. local anaesthetic gel or spray to your nasal You should be able to eat once the numbness of the local anaesthetic throat spray has … Retreive Document
PDF file Generic Skills
The trainee should develop a wide knowledge of the anaesthetic needs of children and neonates. include discussion of anaesthetic options (i.e. regional versus general) Management of the patient receiving … Retreive Document
PDF file Provision of Endoscopy Related Services in District General
Endoscopy in the general population is now in excess. of 10 per 1000 population per annum anaesthetic services must be provided for and built into. contracts … Retreive Document
PDF file Anaesthesia explained
If you are having a general anaesthetic, you will probably need to In the operating theatre: general anaesthetics. When your anaesthetist is satisfied that your condition is stable, the. monitors … Retreive Document
The Endoscopy Department
This leaflet will help you understand what happens when you have a therapeutic gastroscopy (also known as endoscopy This is not a general anaesthetic. The Endoscopist will give you … Retreive Document
PDF file You have just been to see your GP who has referred you to a
Following the endoscopy test today your doctor. would like you to have some further Laparoscopy: this requires a general anaesthetic (and an overnight stay in hospital) so that your. surgeon, via a very small cut, … Retreive Document
PDF file Gastroscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy
make you drowsy and relaxed, but is not the same as a general If you are having local anaesthetic throat spray this will be. sprayed onto the back of … Retreive Document
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