Endoscopy Audit Tool


PDF file Annex 6 Planned Capital Spending 2008/9
CAR448. Data Management & Audit tool (Endoscopy Unit) 40.0. CAR449 Non Review working processes & available tools. 40.0. Electronic Docs to GPS (E.g. Discharge summary) Non Extend electronic … Retreive Document
Public Board Meeting
CleanYourHands’ campaign audit tool to monitor the level of compliance with appropriate 5.5.4 Endoscopy audit. An audit of the decontamination process for endoscopes was carried out in the Day … Retreive Document
PDF file Policy No: OP43 Version: 2.1 Name of Policy:
reported to the Clinical Audit Committee in the form of a quarterly the Clinical Audit Committee via the quarterly compliance reports. These pieces of NICE … Retreive Document
PDF file Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
There was a significant 3% reduction in GP use of endoscopy from Clinical audits may be a useful tool for both promoting and. assessing guideline driven practice change in general practice. Conflict of interest: AstraZeneca funded this clinical audit program but. had no role in the analysis of … Retreive Document
Word file Introduction to endoscopes and disinfection
Endoscopy Services lies within the Surgical Directorate and provides The Endoscopy Unit is a highly technical area where patients can feel vulnerable … Retreive Document
PDF file ImprovIng colonoscopy servIces In australIa
10.3 Australian Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Association (AGEA) should focus more attention on train-the-trainer It is not intended as an audit tool and does. not enable a detailed assessment of performance in all aspects … Retreive Document
PDF file Annual Audit Letter, External Audit 2005-06
We have been appointed as the Trust’s independent external auditors by the Audit Commission, the the results of the Acute Hospital Portfolio Diagnostic Audit indicate satisfactory … Retreive Document
PDF file European Job Profile for Endoscopy Nurses
Over the last 20 years, endoscopy has become an essential tool in diagnosis and therapy. audit. Organisation, Clinical. Management. Basic principles of clinical management specific to endoscopy. Time … Retreive Document
Endoscopy is a team activity, requiring the collaborative tal- ents of many people with The endoscopy unit also has many support areas that patients … Retreive Document
Patient listed for elective procedure
A data quality audit for elective patients which will be carried out An audit of emergency admissions which will be carried out on a 6 monthly basis … Retreive Document
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