Cost Rhinoplasty Deviated Septum

Question for females who have gotten rhinoplasty (nose job)?

1. Was the doctor able to show you a picture of how your nose will look after the surgery?

2. If yes, was the picture consistent with your actual results?

3. How much did your procedure cost?

4. Did you have a deviated septum and/or any other condition where your insurance covered some of the amount?

5. If so, how much?

Thanks! I’m 20, female, and looking to get a nose job soon

My girl had insurance for deviated septum, looks good, she didn’t pay a cent and had top care,….

Individual Blue 1500 Plan Contract Booklet
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PDF file Chapter 66: Cleft Lip and Palate Rober W. Seibert, Robert M
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PDF file Facial Feminization Surgery and The Standards of Care
All of the surgeons recommended rhinoplasty, which is medically necessary Rhinoplasty was also indicated to correct a deviated septum and repair the damage. from a broken nose that I suffered due to an … Retreive Document
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Another example that many have probably heard was the rhinoplasty procedure Ashley Tisdale, best known for High School Musical, She had a deviated septum that continued to cause problems breathing and later, when 80 percent was deviated, also caused two … Retreive Document
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