Can Wage Garnishment Be Stopped

Two Garnishments at the same time?

My husband’s wages have been garnished for a few years now. Yesterday, we received a writ of garnishment for his income tax refund. My question is, now, can they still garnish his wages, also? The current writ on wages expired yesterday, as well, and I’m wondering if he will be getting another one. The last time they garnished his income tax, the wage garnishments stopped until after we filed our taxes. Can they have two writs at the same time, or just one?
Well, the reason behind the garnishment should not be an issue, but it is a medical judgement for a vehicle accident he was in a long time ago. Yes, he is a winner. I could not ask for a better man. He takes care of his children, supports his household, and stands up to everything most men run away from. So, please don’t judge him just because his wages are getting garnished. At least he’s paying. We want to set up payment arrangements, but they said we need to come up with 5,000 up front, so the garnishments stand.


They can seek out the money whenever they can. They can have multiple garnishments and levies in place at any one time.


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their program; teaching service must be in a high-need field in a low-income school can lead to: u. Wage garnishment. u. Adverse credit reports. u. Ineligibility for further financial aid at any U.S. college or … Retreive Document
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payments received through wage. garnishment, tax offsets or. litigation, cannot be counted from. your credit report. Stop any tax. offset or wage. garnishment. It’s easy to do. Just … Retreive Document
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You can ask that less be withheld from your benefit if you cannot afford to have overpayment back, we can recover the overpayment from your federal income. 2. tax refund or from wage garnishment if you are … Retreive Document
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Wage Garnishment—generally, wage garnishment limited to child support, cable service, eliminate other extras, stop using credit cards (any debt from these can then be included in … Retreive Document
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