Breast Reduction Cpt

9413 or REFER to member’s ID Card. *Breast Reconstruction (CPT 19357-19396) (Questions of-Network benefits *Breast Reduction (CPT 19318) (Questions call 800 … Retreive Document
PROCEDURE:Reduction Mammoplasty Policy
Description Macromastia (breast hypertrophy) is an increase in the volume and weight painful symptoms and physical signs. Reduction mammoplasty is … Retreive Document
S3823* Three-mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 analysis for susceptibility to breast and Preventive medicine counseling/risk factor reduction, 15 minutes … Retreive Document
PDF file Texas Mandated Benefit ICD/CPT Codes
female breast. 175.x: Malignant neoplasm of male. breast. 19318: Reduction mammaplasty (for insertion of breast prosthesis following. mastopexy, mastectomy or in reconstruction. … Retreive Document
Word file CPT and ICD-9CM Codes
V52.4 Breast prosthesis and implant. 457.0 Postmastectomy lymphedema syndrome. CPT Codes 19318 Reduction mammaplasty. 19324 Mammaplasty, augmentation; without … Retreive Document
PDF file Microsoft Word – SURG.00086 VA 01-14-2009
Breast reduction surgery is considered not medically necessary for patients when the criteria above are not met. The use of liposuction to perform breast reduction is considered investigational and not medically necessary. … Retreive Document
PDF file Workers’ Compensation – CPT Medical Reimbursement 2000
Reduction of large breast. 90 $2,105. 19324. Enlarge breast. 90 $674 Reduction of forehead. 90. BR. Effective March 20, 2001. CPT codes and descriptions only are … Retreive Document
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